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Back in 1999 when racing bikes with mates as a junior, we always wanted the tallest socks, so we purchased our socks too big so the cuff was high up on our legs, only problem was the ankle was half way up the leg as well. Years later, and still searching, we developed our own design, and named it Sokhyte (Sock Height) and a new Australian Made brand was born.


Our 'tall' socks that won't slide down your leg after a long ride or run, developing our Trade Mark 'double leg cuff', folded over itself and joins back at the ankle, giving you the best possible style, fit and performance. 

These socks will be the first item packed in your kit bag, ready to race and we guarantee the comfort and quality will last the distance. 

We are proud of our socks being manufactured, designed, and packaged in Australia.

Sokhyte offers a full custom solution for your Team, Club or Group. SOKHYTE can design and produce your kit, plus offer our stock socks to match your kit or a custom design just for you. We offer NO minimum quantity for our custom clothing, with 30 pairs minimum for our socks.


Designed to maximize your look, feel and comfort, more athletes are opting for a new flavour and the feeling of a 'design' specific to their needs. We no no limitations with designs, colours, styles and garment cuts. Our clothing is 100% custom, meaning if you need a longer leg cuff, a shorter jersey, we can accommodate any custom request.

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